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The Sinti Culture Institute has been established in the 90es in Mantua by the association Sucar Drom, in order to know, enhance and safeguard traditional cultures belonging to Roma, Sinti, Manouche, Romanichals and Kalé peoples.
The Sinti Culture Institute is an organisation fostering research at any level, thus it is opened to both students and researchers.
The Sinti Culture Institute developed in the past years different projects, among the others education, training activiteis and the management of the U Velto website.


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Sucar Drom is a non-profit organization set up by Sinti and Roma people as well as by people belonging to other ethnic groups. The formal and substantive recognition of civil rights to Sinti and Roma minority is the mission of Sucar Drom. Sucar Drom crosses each and every discrimination (direct and indirect) that strikes Sinti and Roma communities. Sucar Drom favours the relations among people, societies and cultures in order to achieve a common culture based on the knowledge, dialogue, comprehension, and on the acquisition of mutual rights.

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Telefono: +39 0376 360643

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